FX50 Vacuum Excavator

Every Jobsite Begins And Ends With The FX50.

The Ditch Witch FX50 vacuum excavator has the power and functionality to do it all, from potholing to cleanup of all types of spills, HDD fluids and jobsite debris. Featuring outstanding suction and water pressure, the 49-hp (36.5-kW) FX50 is as versatile as it is powerful and can be configured with your choice of water tanks, spoils tanks and options such as a hydraulic boom and hydraulic valve exerciser. The FX50 is with you every step of the job.

Ditch Witch FX50 Vacuum Excavator
Ditch Witch FX50 Vacuum Excavator
Ditch Witch FX50 Vacuum Excavator
Ditch Witch FX50 Vacuum Excavator

49-hp (36.5-kW) Deutz® diesel engine provides ample power for all machine functions.

Fully enclosed, insulated and lockable power pack leads the industry in noise reduction while protecting major components from weather and vandalism.

Autoclutching feature disengages the water pump when water is not in use, allowing full system power to the blower.

Water pressure can be adjusted from a curbside operator’s station that allows one-person control of all unit functions.


FX50 is equipped with an extremely efficient Tuthill® 1,020-cfm (29.1-m3/min) blower and a powerful water system with a water-pressure capacity of 3,000 psi (207 bar) and 5-gpm (19-l/min) flow.

Rugged Design

Triple filtration system with a cyclone separator cleans the air before it ever reaches the filter, minimizing maintenance.


The FX50’s wide range of applications includes exposing buried utility lines, storm drain cleanout, directional drilling site cleanup, water leak repair, valve box and utility vault cleanout, commercial/residential debris cleanup and landscaping, and posthole digging.

A choice of spoils tanks (up to 800 gallons/3028 L) and water tanks (up to 500 gallons/1893 L) to meet the requirements of virtually any size soft excavation or cleanup job.

System may be ordered from the factory either trailer-mounted or stand-alone, so you can mount it on your own trailer or flatbed truck.

Ease of use

With the FX50’s optional reverse flow and standard full-opening, hydraulic tank door, offloading spoils is quick and easy.

Operator Comfort

The FX50 is the quietest vac in its horsepower class, for minimal disturbance in noise-sensitive areas and greater operator comfort.

Superior Support

Your Ditch Witch equipment is backed by a worldwide network of dealers you can count on for unmatched commitment to your success. From genuine Ditch Witch parts to factory-trained service to expert advice, your Ditch Witch dealer has it all for you.

From the basics of HDD and vacs to the specifics of operating stand-on skid steers, trenchers and more, the Ditch Witch organization is your go-to resource for the best training in the industry. Talk to your local dealer to learn more about our Ditch Witch Certified Training programs.

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