FM25X Fluid Management

Sets The Efficiency Standard.

Though oftentimes overlooked, fluid management is a critical part of the full horizontal directional drilling (HDD) process. It is critical in following certain safety regulations, but also to help keep costs down and productivity up. The updated line of Ditch Witch fluid management systems sets the standards for fluid management in the HDD industry. The updated systems incorporate new design features to meet the high-standards for drill productivity, improve drilling fluid flow, increase durability and provide faster mixing cycle times and yield times. The Ditch Witch family of fluid management systems includes the FT5, FM5X, FM13X and FM25X to meet the needs of any small- to mid-sized HDD project.

Ditch Witch FM25X Fluid Management
Features and Benefits

The FM25X is powered by a 25-hp Kubota® diesel engine and equipped with a choice of one or two hoppers, with a 500-gallon (1,892.7-L) or 950-gallon (3,596.14-L) tank to match the needs of mid-size utility-installation jobs. The unit supports the Ditch Witch JT25 HDD units and larger.

The unit features a simple design and multiple configuration options, including curbside and street side, to accommodate a variety of setups for easier transport, and offers fuel fill configurations from both sides of the unit to meet any jobsite need.

The FM25X utilizes a hydraulic circuit, providing operators the ability to run two tank systems simultaneously. The unit can mix one tank while a drill onsite is using mud from the other tank, eliminating the need to stop a bore and mix fluid for enhanced productivity and increased uptime.

A new wet hopper design increases the venturi inlet from 1.25- to 2-inches - a 60 percent larger opening for material flow and superior fluid mixing. And, steep sides incorporated into the design help speed mixing cycles.

An updated, internal venturi design optimizes fluid velocity, increasing overall system productivity.
Designed with a powder-coated finish, the unit is more durable, economical and resistant to chips, rusting or fading.


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