To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 11.1.0 or greater is installed. Choosing the ideal backreamer for a particular type of soil can be challenging. This chart offers guidelines to help, but for specific recommendations for your area, ask your Ditch Witch ® dealer. SOIL CONDITION CHART Key =Best =Better =Good Sandy Soft Medium Hard Cobble Soft Hard Soil Soil Soil Soil Rock Rock Rock Compact Fluted HD Kodiak ™ HD Beavertail HD Warthog ™ HD Rockmaster ® SOIL TYPE DESCRIPTION CHART This chart is meant as a guideline only. See your local Ditch Witch ® dealer for recommendations in your area. Sandy Soil Sugar sand, blow sand, or other solids where sand is the predominant component Soft Soil Sandy loam Medium Soil Loams, loamy clays Hard Soil Packed clays, gumbo, all compacted soils Cobble Rock Chunk rock, glacier till, cobble, gravel Soft Rock Sandstone, shale, coral, caliche, chaulk Medium Rock Limestone, caliche, sandstone, shale Hard Rock Granite, schist, marble, hard limestone FLANGED SWIVEL / STATIC PLATE Description 12K Swivel Kit (12K Clevis) 12K Swivel Kit (12K Tab) 20K Swivel Kit (20K Clevis) 20K Swivel Kit (20K Tab) 30K Swivel Kit (30K Clevis) 30K Swivel Kit (30K Tab) 40K/60K Swivel Kit (40K Clevis) 40K/60K Swivel Kit (40K Tab) 100K Swivel Kit (100K Clevis) 100K Swivel Kit (100K Tab) 12K Static Kit (12K Tab) 12K Static Kit (20K Tab) 20K Static Kit (20K Tab) 30K Static Kit (30K Tab) 40K/60K Static Kit (40K Tab) 100K Static Kit (100K Tab) Utilizing high-performance components to extend life and featuring a new clevis design, our flange swivel options eliminate the need for multiple connections between the reamer and product. They also position the product closer to the reamer, reducing the possibility of binding. BACKREAMERS Part number 190-2359 190-2360 190-2361 190-2362 190-2363 190-2364 190-2365 190-2366 190-2367 190-2368 190-2613 400-2368 190-2614 190-2615 190-2616 190-2617 Note: Flanged swivel options for Compact Fluted HD and Kodiak ™ backreamers. To find your dealer, visit 53